Wednesday 17 February 2021


Habit, second nature? Aristotle, who emphasized this proverb, was not wrong. This is demonstrated by the recurrence of the traceability lawsuit brought against a number of Congolese leaders as soon as they set themselves up on the pedestal. This is the case of the new Prime Minister. He already has foreign origins.
Zambian for some and…Rwandan for others. In this country where the fixism on Rwanda feeds a complex that Sigmund Freud could have usefully psychoanalysed, Paul Kagame can be seen everywhere.

In doing so, the Rwandan President is unconsciously mythified and mystified. Before having to espouse the realpolitik inherent in the management of state power, the UDPS has long participated in the concert of denial of nationality of Congolese DRC dignitaries. Needless to repeat that this campaign has terribly damaged the country’s image.

Concerning the case of “Sama Lukonde”, her absence from the traditional political ecosystem gives all her detractors something to chew on. And Jacobinism in Kinshasa does the rest. However, Sama Lukonde is just as much the son of… as many more and more Congolese DRC leaders.

But his father Lukonde, assassinated with another Katangese political baron in 2001, spent most of his career in Katanga. He was nevertheless a minister in the Nguz government at the beginning of the 1990s. The current Prime Minister is therefore neither a UFO nor a homo novus.

In terms of traceability, Sama Lukonde is a synthesis of Tanganyika and Haut-Katanga. Tabwa, sanga and bemba blood runs in his veins.
The real trial will begin with his management of the complexity of the Congolese reality. Leading the government in the current context is anything but a sinecure. There will therefore be a number of subjects on which opponents to Fatshi’s power will be able to shoot the fuse that is the Prime Minister.

The very Lushois Sama Lukonde should not be long in receiving his baptism of fire in this capital where politics is queen. No gifts will be given to him. The blows will not come only from the opposition. In ambush, all those who will pay the price for the government’s announced slimming cure will try to make themselves heard.

As for the very boiling base of the UDPS, it will be able to help the Prime Minister to take the President’s temperature at little cost. In their role as griots, warning and alarm bells, the legendary standing members of parliament rarely occur by chance. Like the Magi, these occult consultants announce upcoming events. A “Tshisekedian” practice inherited from the father that the son perpetuates. The misfortune of Vital Kamerhe, then all-powerful dircab of the head of state, had been prophesied by… the base of the UDPS. Reality proved to be in accordance with the prophecy.


By 24news