It is therefore official, Bahati Lukwebo is the candidate of the Sacred Union of the Nation for the presidency of the upper house of the Congolese parliament.

Received this Friday at the Palace of the Nation by the Head of State, Modeste Bahati Lukwebo confirmed to the press at the end of an audience granted to him by Head of State Felix Tshisekedi.

Modeste Bahati was accompanied by the senate’s age bureau which took this opportunity to explain to the Head of State the cash flow situation of this institution deemed to be cahotic.

“The Equity Bank BCDC is asking the questure of the age bureau for a bank overdraft of US$5 million while at the same time, hospitals are threatening to stop medical care for Senators because of insolvency for several months,” Reagan BAKONGA told the presidential press, adding that the list is not exhaustive.

As for the ticket of the Sacred Union to the Senate office to be driven by Modeste Bahati LUKWEBO, it will also be published in the coming hours.


By 24news