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A small but very important bridge for the population of Kingabwa was reopened on Sunday 21 February 2021. Located on Nganaketi Avenue, this bridge, destroyed by heavy rains, has been rehabilitated by Gerard Mulumba, a local son and provincial deputy of the city of Kinshasa.

This work of capital importance for the population of this large district of the commune of Limete was opened at the end of an event presided over by Léon Lumumba, former national deputy and elder brother of the Honourable Gerardumba dit Gekoko.

By rehabilitating this bridge, the Honourable Gerardumba Mulumba Gekoko is helping his base, which has always given him unconditional support.
Built in 2006 by the foundation that bears his name, this bridge was totally destroyed by the strong power of rainwater, thus preventing free movement in this district.

It is therefore another act of benevolence for the Honourable Mulumba Gekoko,” said a motorcyclist from the neighbourhood, who thanked the author of this book by imploring the mercy of the eternal on this elected member of the UDPS.

The destruction of this bridge has forced us to make long detours to drop off our clients in kingabwa, and its rehabilitation helps us to shorten our journey,” he added.

Zephy Pengume

By 24news