Unidentified gunmen ambushed users of the Beni-Kasindi road on Monday 22 February 2021 at the Hululu bridge near the village of Mighende, in the territory of Beni in North Kivu.

The information is confirmed by several sources. According to Kambale Bashimbe, president of the Association des Chauffeurs du Congo (ACCO), two people were killed and a few others seriously injured. He deplores this situation and calls for the involvement of the military authorities in securing this road of national interest.

According to military sources, the perpetrators of this ambush have not yet been identified as several armed groups are active in this part of North Kivu province these days.

Lieutenant Antony Mwalushay, army spokesman in the Sokola 1 operational sector, reassures on the deployment of military troops in the area for the pursuit of these assailants.

Gires Kasongo

By 24news