A week after his appointment, in preparation for his government, Prime Minister Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde began consultations on Monday 22 February with the AFDC-A political grouping of Senator Bahati Lukwebo.

A delegation composed of about fifteen deputies and senators, led by its president, Modeste Bahati Lukwebo responded to the invitation of the head of the next government.

“The delegation of the AFDC-A, which includes the leaders of political parties, national deputies and senators and some officials, was keen to respond today to the invitation of Prime Minister Sama Lukonde Kyenge who wanted to outline the process that will lead to the formation of the new government of the Sacred Union of the Nation,” Bahati Lukwebo told the press after the interview with Sama Lukonde.

Bahati Lukwebo said that the Prime Minister gave the main lines of his government’s programme.

“During this interview, His Excellency the Prime Minister gave us the criteria and the main lines of the programme of the government of the Sacred Union but also the methodology to be followed for the presentation of candidatures for the posts of members of the government.

And there, he was clear in saying that he will take into account the criteria of morality, integrity, competence and experience but also, have a clean criminal record,” Bahati added.

Among the criteria for the formation of his government, Jean-Michel Sama, insisted on gender, youth, vulnerable people but also other disadvantaged groups.

“It is obvious that not everyone can be served. There will certainly be many people who will be candidates but cannot be served. We have also noted that for each position we will have to propose 3 candidates so as to give the opportunity to its excellence to meet all the criteria, especially that of representativeness, gender and youth,” he said.

After the AFDC-A, several other delegations, political parties and groups will be received and the consultations will run until February 27th.

Yvette Ditshima


By 24news