Having just returned to his province on Friday 5 March in the early evening, the governor of the province of maniema will once again face a motion of disqualification against him and his government. This motion has already been tabled in the bureau of the deliberative body since 6 February 2021 and will be considered during the ordinary session of March.

A dozen of the deputies who signed this motion reproach Auguy Musafari for “incompetence, misappropriation of funds and lack of visionary leadership at the head of the next one since his election”.

After nearly four months spent in Kinshasa, the governor of Maniema went to his province on Friday, March 5 where, on his arrival, he held a meeting during which the head of the provincial executive called for forgiveness, love and mutual tolerance, before recalling that the time of quarrel has already passed, now it is time to work which will be the subject of the visit of the Head of State by the end of April, said Auguy Musafari before his supporters.

As a reminder, the governor of Mainema had been dismissed in November 2020 while preparing his trip to Kinshasa to take part in consultations initiated by the Head of State and was reinstated by the Constitutional Court in early February.

Faustin Kalenga


By 24news