While many parents were delighted by the free education which, although prescribed in the constitution voted by referendum and promulgated in 2006, suffered 8 years for its applicability, and which saw its effectiveness by the accession of president Fatshi to national sovereignty, the parents of students of some Catholic schools are far from benefiting from this free education,

This is the case of the Bolingani technical school,
This is the case of the technical high school Bolingani, in the commune of Kintambo, not far from the general hospital of reference. This school does not cease to surprise the parents of the pupils who already saw a glimmer of hope by this free education, thus pushing them to ask the question of knowing if certain catholic schools are not concerned by this free education, although it is constitutional?

In this school the fees are as follows:

1-legal fees: 32.500fc

2-building costs: 30

3-school fees: $200

4-Teacher transport: 20$/month.

Where is this free schooling, the parents ask, because the sum of all these fees is higher than the fees paid before the free schooling.

The parents of these students appeal to the authorities in charge of primary, secondary and technical education to intervene quickly so that the students of this school also benefit from this free education which is a constitutional right for all Congolese.

The parents go even further to say that the state must imperatively and quickly open its eyes so that these catholic schools in general and the Bolingani high school in particular do not constitute a blockage to the good functioning of the free education dear to the president of the republic.

Zephy pengume

By 24news



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