Civil society activities in Angola have set the date of 20 March for new demonstrations in all 18 provinces of the Angolan territory and in all foreign countries where the Angolan community is present.

We are going to go out in the streets of the main cities of Angola to demand the setting of the date of the elections, the revision of the current electoral law, the reform of the current unfair composition of the CNE (Comissão Nacional Electoral), the reduction of the high price of basic necessities, » said Dito Dali, one of the organisers of these demonstrations.

The civil society activist added that the year 2020 was a year of many challenges, during which Angolans showed the world their willingness to continue to struggle peacefully to demand both political and economic reforms to improve the quality of life of Angolan citizens.

In November 2019, a peaceful demonstration organised by Angolan civil society turned deadly, with the death of Inoncêcio Matos, a 22-year-old student, and the arrest of several other demonstrators.

In December last year, several demonstrations took place with hundreds of young people arrested.

The demonstrators were protesting against Mpla, the ruling party, demanding better living conditions, public health, work, education etc… In the last demonstrations, the police did not arrest anyone and did not repress.

It should be noted that since the accession to the supreme magistracy by João Lorenço, the current President of the Republic, several public demonstrations have been organised in Angola, thus demonstrating the freedom of expression and demonstrations rarely recorded under the Dos Santos regime.

Zephy pengume

By 24news



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